Thursday, May 10, 2007

Socks knitted for my friend.

My friend came for weekend and I wanted to prepare gift for her. I started to knit socks, made of special sock yarn that is printed and make interesting pattern. I didnot know how big feet has my friend but I managed to make them OK and she was really happy.

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Poncho for my niece

This sweet girl is my niece Karolina. I love to knit nice things for her because everything suits her. This poncho was made of three different types of yarn:
1. coloured fringe yarn is used on stripes, small amount of yarn, but looks very nice
2. yellow yarn, it was cotton or viscose or something like this
3. dark blue, it is not black,

Second picture shows perfectly how the poncho looks. It consists of 12 squares modul knitted, four pieces from dark yarn, I started to knit them from long side bottom.
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